The Imitators of God

In contrast with imitating the practices of a sinful world, doesn’t imitating God just sound freeing. There is something beautifully simple about it. I know you can be bombarded with thoughts, advice, suggestions on how you should live. And often these instruction imprison us with guilt as we have merely added things to our to do list that we cannot do.

There is something refreshing in the notion of imitation. Do what your loving gracious heavenly father does. Imitate the one that saved you by grace and adopted you into his family, granting you all the riches that belong to his name. This sounds light and it sounds right. 

So are you imitating God? Or do you copy the ways of the fallen and partner with them in their works of darkness? This sermon delivered to Crosspoint Community Church examines what it means to imitate God and walk in love.