Join in Celebrating God's Good Work in Christ

Celebration is good. It just feels good to celebrate. Joy is made complete when it is expressed outwardly. And this weekend, the fourth of July, is a fun weekend. It is good to celebrate our nations birth for we are a people that celebrate Freedom. And in remembering our birthday, we unite around what draws us together: a love of Freedom and a desire for human flourishing. 

But sometimes it’s not easy to celebrate. Sometimes we see others celebrating and wish we could join in but we can’t seem to drum up the excitement needed to even fake that we are happy. And that is how many of you feel each week in Church. You see others celebrating and either don't understand why or feel guilty that you cannot. 

Now some of the reasons we can’t celebrate are okay. They fall into the category of “That’s just life.” Many of you are exhausted. Some of you have experienced loss. Some of you are sick. And you agree with others that celebration is in order, but you don’t have anything to give. And that is okay. Hold on. Life will return. And even if it does not, your good God has a reward for you in paradise.  

Now of course there some not so good some reasons that we can’t celebrate. And many of them fall into the category of “It’s time to grow up.” Those that are spoiled, are ignorant, or are selfish find it hard to celebrate anything. They just sit in the corner and pout because they are not the center of attention. They can't celebrate because childish thinking is manifesting in childish behavior.

But wherever you are on the “able to celebrate scale,” there is hope for you. God's word can give you the power and open your eyes to see the reason to celebrate His good work in Christ. In this sermon given to Crosspoint Community Church, you will see three things to join with Paul in celebrating God's good work in Christ, and you will understand the source of power needed to do so.