The Radical Idea of Mutual Submission

Now I know in the church you have surely heard a sermon about wives submitting to their husbands. And the passage that was preached was probably from Ephesians chapter 5.  And I bet it started in verse 22. That was a great mistake. 

And here is why: the greek word for submit is not even used in verse 22. 

Now don’t jump to any conclusions. There is a reason english translators put the word in verse 22. And the reason is that Paul does tell wives to submit to their husbands. But here is how he does it.

This sermon delivered to Crosspoint Community Church in Peachtree City Ga teaches that submission is a fruit of the holy spirit that is to be present in every believer. Mutual submission, though, does not equate to the removal of social order or authority. This sermon examines what mutual submission looks like in marriage and how it is an example of walking in love.