Partners of Darkness: How Your Sex Life Might Be Supporting Sex Trafficking and Planned Parenthood

Here is a question that imagine you’ve never been asked before. How does your sexual activity result in the good of another person? And the answer, by the way, cannot only be that they enjoy it too. Consent, might only mean that two people have agreed to join in a self-destructive act.

Many have been deceived by empty words and come to believe that sex in nearly all of its forms is a victimless act. We believe that sex is just sex. But are you sure of that? Are you sure that your sexual activity is not harming anyone? Could it be that you are partnering in the works of darkness and supporting sex trafficking and planned parenthood?

This sermon delivered to Crosspoint Community Church in Peachtree City Ga, shows how sexual sin is the antithesis to walking in love. Believers are to imitate God by seeking the good of others. But sadly, rather than walk in love and expose the works of darkness many Christians are partnering in them.