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Engage Youth Leaders Conference

Topic: So They Know: Helping the Next Generation Live Out an Authentic Faith

Synopsis: Christianity is under attack. Internationally, Christians are the most persecuted minority in the world, and in the states, the narrative is that the Christian faith is oppressive because it is irrational, immoral, and irrelevant. This attack is affecting the younger generations. They are leaving the Christian faith in droves, and statistics show that those who remain know very little authentic Christian teaching. But hope is not lost. The younger generations are passionate and want to know that Christianity is true, why it is good for this world, and how to communicate the gospel clearly and persuasively. They simply need an older generation to teach them why Christianity is true and give them tools to live it out. So They Know is designed to help parents, pastors, and youth workers prepare the next generation to withstand the attack on their faith and to engage a secular culture graciously and persuasively.


  1. So They Know: Helping the Next Generation Live Out an Authentic Faith.

  2. Meet Gen. Z: What They are Facing and What They Believe.

  3. Modeling and Educating: Proven Ways to Pass on the Christian Faith.

  4. Engaging and Answering: How to Respond to the Most Challenging Questions about Christianity.

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