Life Training Institute

I'm privileged to be a speaker for the Life Training Institute where I train pro-life advocates to make a persuasive case for life in the public square. 

With LTI, I focus mainly on speaking to students. Unlike other pro-life talks that focus on chastity or sexual purity (programs I fully support), my talks focus on equipping your students for the intellectual challenges they will face once they arrive at the secular university or the workplace. 

As you know, it’s not enough for Christian students to hear, “The Church is pro-life, you should be too.” That won’t cut it when they leave for the secular university. Instead, students need good reasons for believing the pro-life view before they’ll take heat defending it. 

That’s precisely why I focus on the ideas that make abortion plausible to millions of students. Two things result from my high school presentations. First, pro-life students get a good dose of confidence from hearing their views are true and reasonable to believe. They leave the presentation knowing how to defend them. Second, pro-choice students are challenged to rethink their views and consider evidence they’ve never seen or heard before.

You won’t break the bank having me speak. A generous donor has made it possible for LTI to offer my services free of charge to schools and universities. You may provide an honorarium if you wish, but none is required.

Life Training Institute (LTI) has a proven track record reaching students with compelling pro-life content. Our presentations are featured on nationally syndicated programs like “Focus on the Family,” “Truths that Transform,” and the Colson Center’s “Breakpoint.” Our speaking team reaches up to 60,000 students a year in assembly settings throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Please let me know how I can serve your students. Again, High Schools and Colleges, you will not be charged for the presentation.

Mike was so gracious to arrange with my chapel coordinator to hold a special assembly at school. As he spoke to my high school students, he used anecdotes that my students understood, logic and language that my students are able to hold as their own, and such a meaningful question-and-answer session that my students are better prepared to answer critics regarding life issues. The session was humorous, serious, meaningful, and relevant for my students as they face a culture hostile to the biblical worldview. My students are now better prepared for life in the public square.
— J. Mason Young, High School Principal Colorado Springs Christian Schools
“When Mike spoke at our Gideon Strong Initiative to a group of businessmen and pastors on “Defending My Pro-life position in a Pro-Choice World”, the men all walked away saying they felt better equipped to defend their position!
— Robin Mauck, Executive Director Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett