Speaking Endorsements

Michael’s expertise in youth culture and apologetics makes him a potent combination of authenticity, urgency, and relevance. He’s spoken to our students, trained our staff, and spoke with our main congregation as well. If you’re looking for a speaker who can engage a wide-ranging audience and keep their attention with a winsome and truthful approach, we whole-heartedly recommend that you invite Michael to your church’s next conference or event.
— Kevin Yi, Youth Pastor Church Everyday, Northridge CA
Mike was so gracious to arrange with my chapel coordinator to hold a special assembly at school. As he spoke to my high school students, he used anecdotes that my students understood, logic and language that my students are able to hold as their own, and such a meaningful question-and-answer session that my students are better prepared to answer critics regarding life issues. The session was humorous, serious, meaningful, and relevant for my students as they face a culture hostile to the biblical worldview. My students are now better prepared for life in the public square.
— J. Mason Young, High School Principal Colorado Springs Christian Schools
“When Mike spoke at our Gideon Strong Initiative to a group of businessmen and pastors on “Defending My Pro-life position in a Pro-Choice World”, the men all walked away saying they felt better equipped to defend their position!
— Robin Mauck, Executive Director Pregnancy Resource Center of Gwinnett

Book Endorsements

“I wish every believer would read this book. Relational Apologetics challenges, convicts, and equips us to lovingly reach out to people with the gospel and to live as the kind of humble and gracious apologists Jesus wants us to be. This will officially be one of the top books I recommend for those who really want to make a difference.”

~Sean McDowell, PhD, Biola University professor, speaker, and author

“All too often, our approach to Christian case making (apologetics) relies heavily on ‘case making’ but less so on Christian character. As an evidentialist, I do believe the facts and evidences for Christianity are critically important, but I also know cases are lost when prosecutors and communicators fail to develop a relationship with their jury. Michael Sherrard has a pastoral heart and an evidential mind. He understands the critical role our personal lives have in communicating the gospel and he’s written a book to help others grasp the importance of our relationships when making the case for what we believe.”

~ J. Warner Wallace, cold-case detective, and author of Cold-Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene

“Michael Sherrard has done much more here than produce another Christian answer book. This is a full-orbed and mature reflection on what it means to be an engaged follower of Christ in a radically skeptical age. His ideas are deep and penetrating, but at the same time they are accessible to anyone. I sincerely hope this is adopted widely by Bible study groups and Sunday school classes everywhere. It is a rich guide book on how to be a godly, relevant, thoughtful Christian in very difficult times.”

~Craig J. Hazen, PhD, founder and director of the MA program in Christian apologetics, Biola University, and author of the novel Five Sacred Crossings

“Michael Sherrard combines a profound Christian mind with a deep love for people. Throughout the pages of this book, you will see a winsome defense of Christian theism that engages rather than repels. In a ‘gotcha’ culture obsessed with caustic sound bites, Sherrard challenges Christians to do better—to love not only the truth but the ones who need it most.”

~Scott Klusendorf, president of Life Training Institute, and author of The Case for Life

Relational Apologetics is a rare book. It avoids the two extremes of painting apologetics as a purely intellectual encounter or of dismissing its relationship to evangelism altogether. This book explains the most important facets of the very human-to-human interaction that takes place in clear communication. Sherrard shares transparently about his own journey in learning the principles contained herein. His ideas, approach, anecdotes, and advice will be valuable for anyone wanting to understand the very practical elements involved in doing apologetics well.”

~J. Thomas Bridges, PhD, Phillip E. Johnson Chair of Science and Culture, and associate professor of philosophy, Southern Evangelical Seminary, and speaker, ReasonforTruth.org

“It is good to have a concise means of sharing truth in an age of pluralism such as ours. Sherrard’s Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect, and Truth achieves this goal in a humble fashion. Here is an approach to defending one’s faith that is altogether new and refreshing while at the same time biblical and timeless.”

~Dylan Higgins, teacher, and author of The Emblem and the Lantern series

“Michael Sherrard has provided the body of Christ with a valuable resource. This is more than an ‘answers’ book. Yes, Sherrard provides answers. But he also includes content related to the all-important quality of being the kind of person people will hear, conversational skills, and how to incorporate Christian apologetics into your home, your church, and your personal evangelism efforts. If you are looking for a book that will guide you into becoming a better witness for Christ, your search is over.”

~Michael R. Licona, PhD, associate professor in theology, Houston Baptist University

“Michael Sherrard has focused on key elements of holding and sharing the Christian faith that are emphasized in Scripture but often overlooked by the Christian community. As Paul encouraged the Thessalonian believers, so Sherrard encourages us to go about our life and work in a way that makes the gospel believable and defendable.”

~James Flanagan, PhD, president, Luther Rice College and Seminary

“Rather than a text of Christian evidences, Sherrard has penned a how-to manual that contains numerous suggestions regarding such aspects as confidently sharing the Christian faith by using apologetics, including beginning a conversation, asking the most appropriate questions, encouraging interest, avoiding dead ends, and opening avenues for future discussions. Altogether, the work is well-written, fast-paced, easy-to-read, as well as being insightful in a wide variety of other ways. It even includes a chapter on the neglected area of teaching children about apologetics. Recommended.”

~Gary R. Habermas, distinguished research professor and chair, department of philosophy, Liberty University and Theological Seminary

“Evangelism simply is Relational Apologetics. Sherrard’s new book clearly explains the Christian approach to sharing your hope in Jesus. It‘s a must-read for everyone who loves God and people.”

Andy Steiger, director of Apologetics Canada