I am privileged to have been the co-creator of Ratio Christi College Prep, a national grassroots youth apologetics program. With RCCP, I speak across the country training pastors, parents, youth leaders, school teachers and administrators how to prepare their youth for the coming intellectual battle that many are facing right now and certainly will face in college.

I'm sure you've heard the reports that between 50-90% of teenagers leave the church within their second year of college, that 88% of unmarried young adults (ages 18-29) are having sex, and that less than 1/2 of 1% have a biblical worldview. The statistics go on and on. Whatever you think about the value of statistics, you probably know a teenager that is a representative of one or all of the above stats. You didn't need the numbers, you have the face of one of those youth in your mind. So what is to be done? 

We understand the problem, but how can we help teenagers survive the cultural attack on their faith? Well, part of the solution is being trained to help our students, and that is what we offer at RCCP. We will provide you and your organization training that will enable you to effectively train and disciple your youth to engage this world with the truth of the gospel.  

If you would like to learn more about what we are doing and how you can become a part of the solution, contact us today to find out how you can be involved. The Lord has quickened the hearts of many in the church to reach this generation, and he is using RCCP to equip them. Please come along side us. We will not be able to do this without you.