No, You're right. We should Let the Atheists Run the Country

I was expecting backlash from my recent article “Why the Pulpit Must Be Political.” But I didn’t expect that the backlash would be so reasonable as to change my mind.

You're right. I get it now. Even though I have the opportunity to seek my neighbor’s good and stop evil through political channels, it’s best to leave it to atheists. The word of God and Christians have no place in politics. Evangelism is the only suitable endeavor for a believer. And there is no way I could care for society and evangelism at the same time. That would be crazy. Thank you for saving me from wasting my time. 

I mean, you're right. Sure I can be pro-life, but I should keep that belief in the closet. All it is going to do is make people upset. I should just focus on evangelism. Laws won’t change hearts. Christianity flourishes through love not laws. (I just put that bumper sticker on my car by the way. It’s right next to my “It’s about love not gender” sticker. I should stop caring about marriage too, right?). And I know it’s going to be hard to sit back and let millions of babies die every year. Just collateral damage I suppose. But you're right; it's not my place. I’m sure if we just keep preaching the gospel this will stop soon enough.

And I get it now. Turn the other cheek isn’t about de-escalation, being willing to be insulted without retaliation, but to let evil people do evil things even if we have the power to stop them. Thank you for helping me to understand. My faith has now grown. And you’ll be happy to know I’ve taken the locks off my house and am prepared to let whatever evil man visits my house do whatever he likes in my house. I’m sure my little girls will understand.  

Oh and you're right, who cares who holds office. The Bible doesn’t say anything about voting and our role in democracy. (You’ll be happy to know I’ve also stopped teaching my kids math because Jesus didn’t say anything about that either.) Who cares if there are candidates that would exclude us from the first amendment. Religious freedom is overrated. I mean look how the church is growing in parts of the world where Christianity is illegal. We could benefit from a dose of persecution. You know, I think I’ll pray for it. Tonight I will huddle my family and pray that we will soon find ourselves in a country where I could lose my head for my faith. That sounds biblical.

You have taught me well. I agree now that society can go to hell as long as people don’t. I don’t have to care for this earth or for human flourishing anymore. You're right. It is unbiblical for me to seek the good of my neighborhood and city. It doesn’t matter what kind of living conditions my friends have. Heaven will better anyway. Shouldn’t get to attached to this earth. It’ll make it easier for them if we neglect it.

And you know, this is really freeing. I’m glad I have no civil obligation. It’s one less thing for me to think about. I guess I can spend that time getting better at hermeneutics. I sure hope I haven’t really misunderstood other parts of the Bible.  

I hope you forgive the sarcasm. It'll be my lone sarcastic post of the year. I await your retaliation. I've opened myself up for it. ;)


Michael C. Sherrard is a pastor, the director of Ratio Christi College Prep, and the author of Relational Apologetics. Booking info and such can be found at