Suffering for Righteousness: How to Make the Case for Life While in Exile (1 Pet 3:13-18)

We are strangers. We are foreigners. We are outsiders. We are the exiled. Now, not many of us are in a literal exile, but our ideas and beliefs are. Christianity and a biblical morality have been annexed by our society. America is content to let us have our silly beliefs as long as they don’t contaminate society. But we and our good beliefs cannot stay locked in a monastery. We are not to hide when banished. Commune living is not for the true follower of Christ. And so even in exile, we are to prepare our minds for action, set our hope fully on the grace that is to come to us, and love one another from a pure heart (1 Peter :1:13; 22). And loving this world means to intervene when it is for the good of others. 

Before us is an opportunity to seek good and love our neighbors. This past year over 1 million unborn babies were killed. And since 1973 and Roe V Wade there have been approx. 56,662,169.
By comparison, we are rightly horrified that 11 million where killed during the holocaust. 

Abortion is the hidden holocaust in our own country. 

I know many of you are angry. And you should be angry. And anger is good. It moves us to action. This sermon delivered to Crosspoint Community Church is to help us be angry and not sin by equipping us to make the case for life with gentleness and respect.